Rainman : World’s first Portable powered Desalinator

Rainman Technology offers a range of products related to our portable desalinator systems. Our pressure supply units (PSU) are manufactured for use with either electric or petrol (gasoline), and are designed to be coupled with one of our three reverse osmosis membrane options. Consumables and spare parts are also available.

Desalination by Reverse Osmosis

Main Characteristics
– Capacity Range – 1 to 1,000 m3/day
– Feed Water – Brackish or Sea Water
– Production Salinity – less than 500ppm CINa
– Complete set with high pressure pump
– Energy Recovery System – Save 60% energy
– Fully automatic control
– Modular system
– Special material

Distillation by Waste Heat Evaporator

Main Characteristics
– Capacity Range – 1 to 150 m3/day
– Feed Water – Brackish or Sea Water
– Distillate Water – less than 4ppm CINa
– Design available for hot water, steam or thermal oil
– Very low maintenance
– Easy to adjust and operate
– Highly corrosion resistance material

Small Range

Portable Units

Pomar Water supply mobile and emergency units for potabilisation and water treatment into 20 & 40” ISO containers which ease a quick and economical installation of the units.
Our units are designed for the surface, brackish and sea water treatment and potabilisation from 10 to 1.000m3/day productions.
Our units are supplied with all the components for its operation and we can also include the electric energy supply as additional by electric generator or renewable energies.

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