Oceania Marine Generator | Apollo Group

Oceania marine generator sets are built to provide dependable, efficient service under extreme conditions. They combine proven designs and manufacturing methods with the latest technology, such as advanced control, to deliver more power and greater efficiency.

Oceania Power range of generators are developed through many years of engineering experience for marine application.The generator is powered by reputable and reliable engines. The engine are developed to local standards or classification society requirement.

The Oceania Power generator are designed for today’s marine vessel which require equipment to perform to meet the operation expectation. Our comprehensive range of power provide solution to your power needs. The generator design are versatile and can be customised through the use of engineering knowledge and technology to meet your system requirement.

Powered by Engine

50 & 60Hz : Mitsubishi & Doosan engine with Meccalte / Cramaco / Stamford / Leroy Somer alternator

50Hz : John Deere & Scania engine with Meccalte / Cramaco / Stamford / Leroy Somer alternator

•    Application – Main Generator and Harbour Generator
•    Rating are available for continuous operation for variable load application

•    Above generator are designed with sea water cooling
•    Specifications subject to changes without prior notice