Deck Crane

/Deck Crane

Main Parts

2.Control lever for slewing and luffing
3.Control lever for hoisting
5.Oil motor for hoisting winch
6.Oil motor for luffing winch
7.Oil motor for slewing device
8.Head tank

10.Oil cooler
11.Air duct
12.Luffing winch
13.Hoisting winch
14.Electric motor
15.Oil pump
16.Control panel


High Reliability

1.In addition to the mechanical brake system, hydraulic valve block is also used for security, Even when the worst happens to hydraulic motor or pump.the goods will not fall through the function of counter-balance valve.

2.Mechanical linkage system simple and trouble free used in the operation and maintenance.

3.The top of the tower, the jib center and the front end of jib, these three positions support the luffing rope. Vibration of the jib iscontrolled within the minimum range, so the crane has a good stability.

Easy to maintain

1.Simple hydraulic system

2.Major equipment on the crane at the lower position

3.All pulleys are fixed by bearing seat which is divided into two parts and can be fastened by bolts. Damaged pulleys can be removed and replace easily.

Hoisting Speed Characteristic Curve

Adjusting the hoisting speed under different load automatically

Duty Cycle of Cargo Handling

Imported Key Parts

Introduction of key parts and components from Japan and international first-class manufacturers.

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